HughesNet Gen5 Mobile (Business Internet)

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The Perfect Solution for Mobile Satellite Internet

The Mobile Satellite Internet Market

RVers – With over 21 years of RV/Mobile experience, almost 14 years of mobile satellite Internet experience, and extensive networking and computer expertise, Mobile Internet Satellite is prepared to meet the needs of today’s computer networked environment in the RV community.

Oil field services & early responders – Other markets in which reliable mobile Internet is needed but often not available include the oil field services industry and early/first responders.

Our Customers:

  • Part- and Full-Time RVers
  • Oil Field Services
  • Fire and Emergency First Responders
  • Police Departments
  • US Military
  • Event Photo Services
  • Public Water Works
  • US Forest Service

Take Your Internet with You!

Below are some photos from our customers, showing just some of the methods that Mobile Internet Satellite can help you take your Internet with you, wherever you go. We are here to help.

Mobile Satellite Internet Mobile Satellite Internet
Mobile Satellite Internet
Portable Mount available for $85 + shipping


Echostar 19 Google Map

1 Gbps+ Ka HTS Capacity in Alaska

Downlink Location Beam # Gateway Location Antenna / Radio Size Forward Return
FWD Bands FWD BW (MHz) FWD BW (Mbps) RTN Bands RTN BW (MHz) RTN BW (Mbps)
Alaska Peninsula 138 Rosburg, OR (ROS) 0.74m / 2w 1 250 500 1 125 125
Alaska Mainland 139 Seattle, WA (SEA) 0.98m / 2w 1 250 400 1 125 125

2+ Gbps of capacity in the Caribbean:
• Puerto Rico & US Virgin Islands
• Dominican Republic
• British Virgin Islands

  • Uplink gateway in Gilbert, AZ.
  • 1.8 Gbps forward capacity
  • 400 Mbps return capacity
  • 0.98m / 2w (estimated)
Caribbean satellite coverage map
Caribbean satellite signals.
Puerto Rico satellite coverage map
Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands coverage with Echostar 19.
Dominican Republic satellite coverage map
Dominican Republic coverage with Telstar 19V spot 39.
British Virgin Islands satellite coverage map
British Virgin Islands coverage with Telstar 19V spot 40.

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