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Houston Media Systems is an Authorized OneWeb dealer. This means we can help connect your business on a global level!


OneWeb has launched an unparalleled communications network to supply fiber-like connectivity services from space. Services become available in the Arctic before the end of 2023 and will expand to incorporate full global coverage by 2025.

Our Distribution Partners will be fully equipped to optimize this system to their immediate advantage, with access to a suite of self-service digital products and connectivity types – including IVPVPN, Business Access Broadband, and community Wi-Fi – designed for managing global connectivity responsibly and efficiently for the first time.

  • Enterprise – Integrate, manage, flex, and scale existing network solutions
  • Government – Resilient, secure, flexible capabilities
  • Maritime – fiber-like connectivity for maritime and offshore
  • Aviation – Re-imagining connectivity for aviation


Hughes LEO Terminal
With its sleek and innovative low-profile Electronically Steered Antenna (ESA), the Hughes LEO Terminal represents the leading edge of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) user equipment. Developed by Hughes, the company that engineered the OneWeb gateways and core modules, the Hughes LEO Terminal works right “out of the box,” self- aligning to the OneWeb constellation.  

With a built-in modem and no moving parts, the terminal is optimized for operation over the OneWeb Ku-band LEO satellite constellation, enabling high bandwidth, low latency connectivity at speeds up to 195 Mbps down and 32 Mbps up. The lightweight, low-power and weather-tight terminal boasts a solid and durable aluminum chassis, making it easy to install and maintain in any environment.

Available in two configurations to support a full range of applications, the Hughes LEO Terminal comprises an ESA outdoor unit and an indoor router.

RF Specifications
TX Frequency RX Frequency

Environmental and Mechanical
Operating Temperature Indoor

Power Supply IFL Cable Length

IFL Cable Type

Agency Compliance Safety Compliance

Network Configuration

Network Network features Wi-Fi

Indoor Unit Specifications

GigE LAN Ports External Power Supply Wi-Fi

14.0 GHz to 14.5 GHz 10.7 GHz to 12.7 GHz  
40°C to +55°C 100 V to 240 V AC 

220 ft (max)
Dual RG-6, 75Ω, F-type connector

OneWeb Satellite Constellation IP, differentiated QoS, multi-APN Wi-Fi 6 (optional)

Model WR3210 2

Included Included

Reliable, low-latency broadband with enterprise-grade managed services delivery.

For latency sensitive applications and service in previously unconnected areas, LEO satellite service from Hughes delivers the ultimate connectivity solution. A OneWeb distributor and partner of choice, Hughes can deploy Low Earth Orbit capacity as a managed broadband service, a multi-orbit mobility or enterprise solution, part of a multi-transport Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) or within a highly specialized military network. LEO connectivity also presents an opportunity for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) to extend network reach into remote and rural communities where cable and fiber backhaul are unavailable, helping to bridge the digital divide.

Hughes is an investor in OneWeb and supplied the technology expertise behind their gateway electronics and core modules, giving us – and our customers – an advantage in engineering and integrating Low Earth Orbit solutions. Not only a technology partner to OneWeb, Hughes has decades of experience engineering ground systems for LEO constellations including Iridium and Globalstar.

In one of the first implementations of OneWeb service, Hughes is leading systems integration and ongoing management of LEO satellite communications (SATCOM) in the Arctic. The project for the U.S. Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) at Thule Air Base brings connectivity to the northernmost U.S. military site with secure, end-to-end service. 

Interested in Hughes Managed LEO solutions around the world? Discover our solutions in Latin America, Brazil and India

Your One-Stop for OneWeb Service

As an award-winning Managed Service Provider (MSP) and an expert on the OneWeb system, Hughes is uniquely positioned to provide optimal support for managed network implementations with OneWeb capacity. From network design and service level agreements to site implementation, help desk support and billing, Hughes is your one stop for LEO service, offering everything necessary for a LEO deployment. That includes terminals, capacity, network management and a variety of primary and backup plans designed to meet the individual needs of every business and government site.

Managed LEO Satellite Broadband

Unlike other offerings, our Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite internet capacity is 100% dedicated to enterprise services – you won’t have to worry about sharing best-effort capacity with consumer applications and users. That means guaranteed Service Level Agreements, 24×7 monitoring and dedicated help desk support.  

Plus, as a leading provider of enterprise connectivity with experience managing and integrating transport from more than 450 global broadband partners of all types, Hughes can deliver high-performance network connections wherever you do business.

Fixed & Mobile Applications

Hughes Managed Low Earth Orbit satellite service comes complete with the Hughes LEO Terminal, the company’s proprietary, high-performing, electronically steerable antenna (ESA). The terminals support fixed, land mobile, maritime, as well as business and commercial aviation applications. Half and full-duplex configurations provide high performance for any application while supporting seamless handovers.

The Hughes Technology Advantage

Electronically Steerable Flat Panel Antenna

The flat panel antenna technology for OneWeb Low Earth Orbit (LEO) applications is the epitome of engineering feats achieved by the Hughes team. The sleek and innovative design of the phased array antenna is low profile and contains no moving parts, making it ideal for both fixed and mobile connectivity. This technology is a game-changer for LEO service implementations around the world. The electronically steerable antenna supports speeds of up to 195 Mbps down and 32 Mbps up with seamless handoffs from one satellite beam to the next and one satellite to the next to maintain uninterrupted connectivity. 

Engineered specifically for OneWeb LEO service, the antenna is manufactured by Hughes in its factory in Maryland, USA.



Contact us for more information about Hughes Managed Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite services.

Join our HUGHES ONEWEB Reseller Program.

The Hughes Oneweb Value Added Resellers (VAR) program allows service operators, system integrators, teleport operators, or any enterprise business to resell Hughes Oneweb products and services. Our established program offers many key advantages to our partners:

  • Generous wholesale discounts
  • Ordering portals for hardware and service
  • Account management, Program management and marketing support
  • Online installation training (whatsapp available)
  • Free shipping of hardware to the continental United States and Puerto Rico

Our reseller programs allow you to partner with Hughes Oneweb to offer industrial-strength solutions, as well as any or all of the following technologies, equipment and services:

  • Technologies
    • JUPITER System technology (Hubs/Gateways/VSAT modems)
    • Oneweb Hughes Managed LEO technology
    • HN/HX System technology (Hubs/Gateways/VSAT modems)
  • Services
    • Hughesnet for Business Internet
      • Powered by the Hughes Ka JUPITER fleet of satellites
      • World’s largest, fastest broadband satellite network (over 400 Gbps capacity)
      • Available coast-to-coast, plus Alaska, USVI & Puerto Rico
    • Private networks (Star and Mesh)
    • High availability networks
    • High QoS solutions
    • Maritime
    • VNO services

Hughes is also able to work closely with you to design highly customized solutions for your customers in order to solve their unique, real-world challenges. Hughes understands the diverse challenges associated with providing Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) services in today’s market.

We have the experience and solutions to allow our VARs to support their customers in any of the following verticals:

  • Oil & gas
  • Mining
  • Industrial
  • Last-mile
  • VSAT trunking
  • Cellular backhaul
  • Disaster recovery/emergency preparedness
  • Events
  • Travel
  • Rural

Banda ancha confiable, de baja latencia y de nivel empresarial.

Para aplicaciones sensibles a la latencia y servicio en áreas previamente desconectadas, el servicio satelital LEO de Hughes ofrece la solución de conectividad definitiva. Como distribuidor y socio de preferencia de OneWeb, Hughes puede desplegar la capacidad de baja órbita terrestre como un servicio de banda ancha gestionado, como una solución empresarial de movilidad multi-órbita, como parte de una red de área amplia definida por software (SD-WAN) de transporte múltiple o dentro de una red militar altamente especializada.

La conectividad LEO también representa una oportunidad para que los operadores de redes móviles (MNO) amplíen el alcance de la red a comunidades remotas y rurales en las que el cableado y el backhaul de fibra no están disponibles, ayudando a reducir la brecha digital.

Hughes es inversionista en OneWeb y aporta además la experiencia tecnológica detrás de sus gateways y módulos centrales (core), dándonos – tanto a nosotros como a nuestros clientes – una ventaja en la ingeniería y la integración de soluciones de baja órbita terrestre. Además de ser socio tecnológico de OneWeb, Hughes cuenta con décadas de experiencia en la ingeniería de sistemas terrestres para constelaciones LEO como Iridium y Globalstar.

En una de las primeras implementaciones del servicio OneWeb, Hughes está liderando la integración de sistemas y la gestión continua de las comunicaciones por satélite LEO (SATCOM) en el Ártico. El proyecto para el Laboratorio de Investigación de la Fuerza Aérea de EE.UU. (AFRL) en la Base Aérea de Thule lleva la conectividad al sitio militar más septentrional de EE.UU. con un servicio seguro de extremo a extremo.

Ventanilla única para el servicio OneWeb

Como proveedor de servicios gestionados (MSP) galardonado y experto en el sistema OneWeb, Hughes está en una posición única para proporcionar un soporte óptimo para las implementaciones de redes gestionadas sobre la capacidad de OneWeb.

Desde el diseño de la red y los acuerdos de nivel de servicio, a la implementación del sitio, soporte de mesa de ayuda y facturación, Hughes es un proveedor integral para el servicio, ofreciendo todo lo necesario para un despliegue LEO. Eso incluye terminales, capacidad, gestión de red y una variedad de planes primarios y de respaldo diseñados para satisfacer las necesidades individuales de cada empresa o gobierno.

Banda ancha satelital LEO gestionada 

A diferencia de otras ofertas, nuestra capacidad de Internet por satélite en baja órbita terrestre (LEO) está dedicada 100% a servicios empresariales: no tendrá que preocuparse por compartir capacidad de mejor esfuerzo con usuarios y aplicaciones de consumo.

Esto se traduce en Acuerdos de Nivel de Servicio garantizados, supervisión 24×7 y un servicio de asistencia dedicado.  
Además, como proveedor líder de conectividad empresarial con experiencia en la gestión e integración de transporte de más de 450 socios globales de banda ancha de todo tipo, Hughes puede ofrecer conexiones de red de alto rendimiento donde quiera que haga negocios.

Aplicaciones fijas y móviles

El servicio LEO gestionado de Hughes incluye el terminal de Hughes, una antena electrónicamente orientable (ESA) de alto rendimiento diseñada por nosotros. Los terminales soportan aplicaciones fijas, móviles terrestres, marítimas, así como de aviación comercial y de negocios. Configuraciones half-duplex y full-duplex proporcionan un alto rendimiento para cualquier aplicación, mientras soportan transiciones sin problemas.

La ventaja tecnológica de Hughes

Antena plana electrónicamente orientable 

La tecnología de antena plana para aplicaciones de baja órbita terrestre (LEO) de OneWeb es el epítome de las proezas de ingeniería logradas por el equipo de Hughes. El diseño elegante e innovador de la antena “phased array” es de perfil bajo y no contiene piezas móviles, por lo que es ideal para la conectividad fija y móvil. Esta tecnología cambia las reglas del juego en la implementación de servicios LEO en todo el mundo. La antena electrónicamente orientable admite velocidades de hasta 195 Mbps de bajada y 32 Mbps de subida con transiciones fluidas de un haz de satélite al siguiente y de un satélite al siguiente para mantener una conectividad ininterrumpida.

Diseñada específicamente para el servicio LEO de OneWeb, la antena es fabricada por Hughes en su planta de Maryland (EE.UU.).

El servicio LEO gestionado de Hughes ofrece conectividad para una variedad de implementaciones, incluyendo:

  • Red de respaldo para una cadena de supermercados

  • Supervisión de infraestructuras críticas para un operador de oleoductos

  • Respaldo de red para una organización de gestión de emergencias 

  • Comunicaciones transportables para una agencia de seguridad fronteriza

  • El servicio LEO gestionado de Hughes ofrece conexión de respaldo para un minorista de Grandes Superficies

  • Una red resiliente para una base militar

  • Red inalámbrica privada para una empresa minera con ubicaciones remotas

  • Conectividad WAN para una cadena nacional de farmacias

  • Comunicaciones de emergencia para una agencia federal de ayuda en caso de catástrofe

Póngase en contacto con nosotros para obtener más información acerca los servicios administrados de satélites de órbita terrestre baja de Hughes!

Today, our top-rated satellite internet service, Hughesnet, connects millions of people across the Americas. Our standard-setting JUPITER System satellite ground technology connects millions more around the globe.

Plus, we have:

  • Grown our own satellite capacity to the most powerful high-throughput Ka-band constellation across the Americas
  • Increased speeds of up to 100 Mbps with the launch of JUPITER™ 3, the world’s largest and most advanced commercial communications satellite
  • Expanded our offering to serve more people in the U.S. – starting with rural parts of the country and growing to become the first satellite internet provider to offer broadband coast-to-coast
  • Brought satellite internet to previously unserved communities in Latin America – connecting thousands of people to the internet for the first time in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru
  • Continued to increase the value of our offerings with faster speeds, more data and Whole Home Wi-Fi. 

During that time, also, we’ve made our leading satellite ground platform, the JUPITER System, available to the industry. With JUPITER technology, satellite operators, mobile network operators and governments worldwide bring the benefits of satellite internet to people and communities who would otherwise be cut off from all the internet has to offer.

Hughes is your partner for satellite internet solutions:

  • At home with Hughesnet
  • In your small business with Hughesnet for Business
  • For state or U.S. federal government offices with Hughesnet for Government
  • To help bridge the digital divide

Bridging the digital divide to connect millions of people, communities and businesses and around the world.


Nearly half the world’s population is without connectivity – and Hughes is on a mission to help close the vast digital divide for the unserved and underserved. Our innovative satellite technologies and services make it possible to deliver broadband even in hard to connect rural and remote areas – from Algeria to Alaska to the Amazon. Discover how we’re bridging the digital divide to connect the unserved and underserved in Africa and the Asia/Pacific region.

For those outside the reach of terrestrial broadband, satellite delivers the ideal solution to provide reliable connectivity. At Hughes, we not only invented satellite internet, we operate the leading satellite internet service in the world, Hughesnet connecting millions of people across North and South America.

We make the innovative JUPITER System technology that powers Hughesnet available to other operators and partners worldwide for their satellite implementations. As a result, ours is the de facto global standard for satellite implementations, connecting millions of users across six continents and representing more than 50% of global Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) market share.

We’re passionate about innovating satellite technology to help connect the unconnected – join us in bringing needed internet to people and communities in places where fiber and cable don’t reach.

Cellular Backhaul: For Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) trying to serve remote sites, cellular backhaul offers an economically viable and effective means for interconnecting cellular base stations, regardless of distance, infrastructure, or terrain.

Community Wi-Fi: Operators and governments can bring affordable satellite-enabled Community Wi-Fi to schools, libraries, community centers and shops, offering shared connectivity hotspots to underserved locations.

Internet Access: Supporting satellite internet services across the Americas, and through operators worldwide with the Hughes JUPITER System.

Schools Connectivity: Access to the internet is critical for students, teachers and educators alike. Our connectivity solutions enhance learning options on campus and enable distance learning regardless of location.

Contact us for more information about bridging the digital divide in your community.