Why Customers Need Wi-Ex (zBoost)

With over 200,000,000 cell phone users in the U.S.A. the demand for a reliable cell phone signal has never been greater. Cell phone users have come to expect these electronic devices to work anywhere – home, office, personal space and on the go.

Unfortunately for many people, the reception issue is a frustrating experience. Whether it is a weak signal at home, dead spots at the office, or dropped calls on the commute, cell phone users are demanding better coverage – especially indoors.

Finally there is a solution! The Wi-Ex product line provides cell phone coverage to those who have difficulty getting service indoors or on the road!

zBoost patent-pending signal boosters capture the signal outside and extend an enhanced cell zone. There are no monthly fees, no programs to install, and no calls to the carrier to set up service. Just put the signal antenna outdoors where there is signal, run the cable to the base unit, plug it in and instantly you have created a new cell zone!