Light Switch Lease Program

Hughes Satellite Internet for Anywhere in North and Central America

Lease a Hughes HN satellite broadband internet system. Get all the benefits of a satellite internet system, with none of the equipment or maintenance costs.

What is Provided?

0.98 meter Antenna with AZ/EL Mount and Non-Penetrating Mount, 2-Watt Transmitter, and an HN7000S Modem with Power Supply

  • No activation or suspension fees.
  • No up-front equipment costs. (Purchase order required)
  • Service includes our IA100 high speed internet service package (higher levels are available).
  • Only $189.00 per month for HN service.
  • Static IP addressing available upon request. ($20/month additional cost)
  • Free training available on request. Training is free at our office, or $350.00 per day at your facility. Includes installation, antenna pointing, and troubleshooting.

You can suspend service at any time, but must complete 18 months of active service before the lease is fulfilled. After your 18-month lease is finished, you may continue service on a month-to-month basis, or cancel the service at anytime. Upon cancellation, simply return your equipment to Houston Media Systems. you need to cancel service before the 18 month lease is fulfilled, you may buy out any remaining months of the lease.


$189.00 per month is for HN service only. HX service is available for a quote.
Change service levels anytime (billing will be pro-rated)
Cancellation fees apply for breaking the 18-month commitment.
Upload and Downloads you experience will vary based on a variety of factors.
Fair access policies apply (download allowance or unlimited service available at additional cost).